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leak detection diagnostics & repair

What if I have a leak?
The majority of tyre and exhaust garages, who have in resent year started re-gassing vehicle air conditioning systems, rely on their machines vacuum test, to spot potential leaks. This is an inefficient system that may only pick up around 20% of leaks  
Here at GT Vehicle Services we are able to carry out various types of leak detection, enabling us to pin point a leak and not just tell you if you have one.
We do this by using either UV light or oxygen free nitrogen to pressure test the system to 150psi alongside a bubble solution, as you can see from the photo a leak looks like a white marble. 
This form of leak detection can pin point around 80% of major and fine leaks. 
For most vehicle condensers with fine leaks, we have a repair system that can be brought to you, however some may need to come to our work shop to allow us to fix them correctly. Either way this is a very cost effective way of getting your air conditioning up and running again; at a fraction of the cost of replacing a condenser.
Below: photos of before & after repair
After repairing condensers and re-gassing, some vehicles require a system re-set; as the engine management system recognises low pressure in the system thus disabling it.  This requires us to enter the management system and remove the codes in order to reactivate the air conditioning system, a service we also provide.